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I was born in Bahia Blanca, 636 km south of Buenos Aires, and I lived 20 years in the city of Buenos Aires. In 2004 I finished my career in Physical Education and in 2005 the Tango came into my life. What started as a hobby became my passion until I found myself dancing and teaching how to dance.

I studied Tango in Buenos Aires with the ones I consider to be the best Tango Masters of the different styles and I also approached other disciplines like Eutony, Gyrotonic, Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Physical Theater, Contemporary Partener and Theater to explore the body and its possibilities.

At the moment I live in Barcelona, from where I travel to give lessons, workshops and shows to the world

I believe that the process of learning Tango is a discover from sensation to technique and from technique to sensation.

In order to find the pleasure in the couple's dance, to maintain the connection and to dance with the music I work in my classes important aspects like:

Balance; passage and weight control; control of body center; walking; dissociation; work with the free leg; feet and connection to the floor; tango embrace; connecting as a couple and energy in the dance.
Tango at work

Using my knowledge of physical education, social media and tango, I developed Ergo-Tango, a method of physical work to re-train posture, relieve tension and chronic pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle and enjoy reconnecting with our body in the dance.

Embracing, trusting, communicating with the body to learn tango frees us much more than tense muscles, will frees us from stress and gives us pleasure.

Tango improves quality of life and this proposal is offered by companies to their teams to improve physical and spiritual wellbeing at an individual level, and at an organizational level to improve communication and interpersonal relations. Tango is a pleasant, fun and highly motivating dance.
Tour 2014
Cynthia Urbano
Tango Dancer and Teacher / Physical Education Professor
Private lessons, small groups,
tourist groups and companies
Spanish /English/German
+ Info cynurbanotango@gmail.com

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